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new favorite moisturizer! I mentioned this is my skin care/maintenance regiment but now that I’ve been using it for about a month and a half, I’ve noticed so much more brightness and a definite shift in the texture of my skin. It does exactly what it promises by using

Wild rose oil, a natural source of vitamin C, helps repair the look of fine lines and skin discolorations. Imperata-cylindrica extract, derrived from a desert plant, is known for its ability to provide continuous moisturization by regulating the moisture equilibrium of the skin. ”  

It’s glorious and I have combination skin and I’ve noticed a moisture balance/retention without any greasy after-glow. Because it’s jam packed with vitamins and essential oils it doesn’t freak my oilier areas out. Instead, it acts more like a healing ointment/cream that balances, smooths and brightens. Along with the blurring of  hyper pigmentation it also works well underneath tinted moisturizers to create a strobe-y, glowy, dewy skin finish that I LIVE FOR!

I recommend this for a high-ish end purchase as a means to establish a  simplistic and grown-up skin care routine.